jazz at the jüdisches museum

Oh, hello there. July has been a rainy month in Berlin and we’ve been spending our time watching The Sound of Music and then watching it again. And watching it again, but this time only the parts with “Mia” in them. Then just the puppet show, and then one more time from the beginning with the “mintins and the church bells go diiiiing-dooooong.”

And that’s only a brief summary of the number of times we’ve watched it. S now wakes up in the morning asking “watch Mia?” So,  we were very happy when the sun finally came out in Berlin this weekend. We headed straight to the JewishMuseum for Jazz in the Garden.*

Here’s a picture of the back of S’s head at the museum. I’ve been getting a lot of those recently.

And here’s a picture of what I was trying to get her to stand in front of..

The jazz trio played in a sunroom attached to the original building. It was a little too warm and a little too crowded, so we moved on to the kid’s activities pretty quickly. Although, S enjoyed pretending to play along with the musicians.

We decorated a t-shirt and the volunteer kindly didn’t snicker at me for not knowing how to spell my daughter’s name in Hebrew.

But what S liked even more was baking matzoh.

Yummy and decorative.

*Even though its in the garden, you still need to go through the front entrance for security reasons. Why they have signs behind the museum pointing you uselessly towards the garden is beyond me.


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