Berlin, du fehlst mir: Laugencroissant

With only a month and a half to go before our move back to the states, I thought I’d try posting regularly about things I’ll miss about the Hauptstadt. But I should warn you: right now, I don’t really feel like missing much. I mean, yes, I prefer living in a big city and I will miss all of the obvious big city things like walking everywhere possible and taking public transportation when I can’t, but otherwise, I’m ready for what’s next.

So I’ll start with a big one. Something I have never seen outside of Germany: Laugencroissants. 

Laugencroissants could be translated as “pretzel croissant” since, like a traditional german pretzel, its dipped in a lye bath before baking.  Laugen means “lye” and you’ll sometimes see it describing pretzels here, as a little reminder, for example: Laugenbrezel or Laugenstange, a soft pretzel stick. In the US, pretzels are usually given a rinse baking soda/water instead. That’s why they don’t get that pretty, deep brown exterior like german Brezen. 

In a croissant, the lye bath makes the outside a little crunchier and a little sour, creating the perfect mix of sweet and savory. I love it. I could eat them everyday. Unfortunately, I don’t see them in nearly as many bakeries as I’d like to. Are they losing out to their vienniese/french cousin or am I just not getting up early enough?

Erm, so a quick, mid-post google search tells me I have seen a “pretzel croissant” outside of Deutschland. At least, I was in the same bakery with them, but was too distracted by all of the cookies and brownies to notice the deliciously savory confection before me. And now Trader Joe’s has them? I don’t think I’ll try them – getting wrapped in a sealed, plastic bag for questionable amounts of time can’t be good for their crunchy flaky exterior and without that what’s the point? I could try making them myself, but I fear having lye in the apartment would inspire one too many Fight Club references.

I mean, If you make a Laugencroissant in a different time, in a different place, would it be a different Laugencroissant? 

Okay, I’m done.


Laugencroissants! Come to GermanyEat some!


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