Kreuzberg Jazzt!

Its Wednesday and we’re only just getting over the Strassenfest that was parked outside our door over the weekend. It was fun the first day, but the constant noise got old very quickly. Especially the drumming. Ugh, the drumming.

We soothed our nerves with many visits to the kürtoskalács (or trdelnik if you’re Czech like the ladies making pastries last weekend were ) booth for Jon….

and crêpes for me and das kind.

As you can see, she takes her yummy things very, very seriously. This crêpe was especially delicious and, if you’re ever at a fair or flohmarkt in Berlin, avoid the generic blue, white and red signs  for “Französiche Crêpes” and head right to this equally simply named yet ten times better one: Crêpes et Galettes. You’ll know them by their colorful booth and breton hats.

But we didn’t just eat. We also took in a few shows.

The Puppentheater didn’t hold S’s attention for very long, but she is still talking about the recital from a local ballet school and their purple tutus.

I didn’t understand the significance of emcee’s costume and can only assume it was a lovely homage to The Church Lady.

Well, isn’t that special?

This festival was a lot smaller than the Karneval der Kulturen, but there are still a lot of things to keep families entertained. We liked that instead of just typical festival booth after festival booth, there were also booths set up by local shops and restaurants giving it more of a block party feel. So,  If you’re in Berlin next year check it out.  If you’re in Berlin next year and staying in Bergmannkiez, check it out, but also maybe buy earplugs.



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