a trip to the dentist

My dentist’s office is in Zehlendorf, a quiet little suburb just beyond the ring line, making visits to the dentist something of an event. And since I am mortally afraid of ever being late for anything ever, I usually have some time to wander around.

Although I’ve never actually left the street that my dentist’s office is on, because again, I can not be late so help me God.

But there are some very pretty buildings…


very pretty and very typisch Deutsch.

There’s also this memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. I did’t know it was here, nor do I know the significance of this one in particular.

“to the victims, 1933-1945”

I don’t want to leave you with such a depressing picture. So here’s one of the treat I picked up on my way home.

der Klassiker from Pasam Baklava

Thus concludes my not so adventurous adventure in Zehlendorf. Want to read more about life in the Berlin suburbs? Head over to my friend’s blog,  Midwestern Berliners.


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