fiddle dee-dee!

My longing for the diversity of food in the States has already been documented here and here, there and there. So you can imagine our excitement  curiosity when we found this at our local Kaiser’s. 

Just look at that label. Look at it. As people who once lived in Kentucky – although, who were not very good Kentuckians – we felt it was our duty to bring this home, cook some barbecue, and then (my favorite part) complain about it.

The sauce did not disappoint. Oh, was it  awful. The first taste was almost spice (chipotle is listed as one of the first ingredients), but that quickly fades away to…nothing. No spice, not even a little ketchup’y. The one thing about the label that is one hundred percent  true: Hergestellt in Deutschland.

Coincidentally, I recently stumbled upon a display of goods from the Southern United States Trade Association (whew) at KaDeWe. I’m sure that’s what first put barbecue on my mind, but I have no idea why I didn’t pick up a bottle there. It was even less expensive, which is not something one gets to say about KaDeWe often.




2 thoughts on “fiddle dee-dee!

    • I know, right!? Although the German word for “horny” (geil) is also slang for “cool.” Maybe they thought it was the same in English?

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