Yumcha Heroes

One of the most difficult parts of being an expat is the food. Deutsche Küche leaves a lot to be desired like vegetables and, I guess I’ll just go there, flavor. Jon and I often bemoan the loss of our favorite restaurants. One of the hardest things to find is a really good dumpling. In California, we once drove nearly three hours just for Xiao Long Bao. (I know that sounded smug, but if you’ve ever had Xiao Long Bao, I hope you’ll understand.)

Thanks to Yumcha Heroes – and public transportation – we can get out hands and our chopsticks on yummy dumplings in much less time.

Yumcha Heroes is somehow painfully hip and welcoming at the same time. Meaning, I felt that the staff didn’t mind having S there, but wasn’t too sure about the other patrons. Did having a toddler there somehow make it less cool for them?

Too bad for them.

Yumcha Heroes

Weinbergsweg 8, Mitte


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