ein schönes wochenende, part 2

In between eating delicious barbecue, we also managed to get to the Berlin Zoo, a place we go to with alarming frequency.  In fact, our mornings go something like this,

Me: S, what should we do today?

S: Go to zoo?

Me: We already did that this week.

S: Go to zoo.See elephants.

S: Go to zoo. See elephants. See kangaroos. See zebras.


So, yes we go there A LOT. Not so uch, however, to feel like skipping the special musical program schedule for this last weekend. While I never managed to snag a program, there were bands and orchestras playing most of the day with animal presentations in between. The BVG Orchester (BVG  is the local transit authority) stuck with the classics. Something the mostly senior audience liked very much.

S was pretty interested, too. And, yes, she is wearing a coffee sleeve as a bracelet. She’s very fashionable that way.

I don’t have any photos of what happened next. After the musicians left the stage, one of the zookeepers brought out a baby donkey. A baby. A fuzzy, baby donkey that my own human baby got all of 3 feet from and started shaking like a leaf, a look of sheer panic on her face. I thought, maybe its the crowd. There were an awful lot of people trying to get close to the adorable and did I mention BABY donkey. I took her back to Jon and asked him to give it a go, maybe she would feel more confident in Daddy’s arms.

No, no, no, absolutely not.

My child is scared of farm animals. Even BABY farm animals.

We whisked her away as quickly as we could and headed towards the kangaroos. The thankfully asleep and non-threatening kangaroos. Yay for kangaroos!

And yay for post-zoo naps!



2 thoughts on “ein schönes wochenende, part 2

  1. LOL. I can relate! I still haven’t managed to get Oliver, my 4 year old, to have a pony ride at any fete as yet. And there are people with some land near my parent’s house who own some minature horses. They were walking them around the block the other evening, just as were were leaving Mum & Dad’s. So they stopped at the gate for us to pat the horses. Elijah, my 2 year old was sat on one with no trouble. But as for Oliver? He wouldn’t come within 2 metres of them!!

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