ein schönes wochenende, part 1

I had no idea Pentecost weekend would be so much fun – nor did I have any idea what Pentecost was, except as something that got mentioned in King Arthur stories (don’t they have pentecostal feasts or something?). At the very least, I know it means a lovely four day weekend and lots of yummy food at the Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures).

We weren’t planning on going at first. A lot of family/child activities in Berlin are for slightly older children – and they will even clearly tell you what ages the activity is appropriate for. A puppet show? 3 and up only. Crafts at the museum? Those start at 4. What’s a poor 2 year-old to do?

Usually, we spend a lot of time blowing bubbles at the park. But not on Pentecost. On Pentecost we ate lots of fried yams and jamaican jerk chicken and onigiri and crêpes with jam. We later marveled at all of the flavors we were eating and, um, odd it felt, but who cares. It was a Karneval!

onigiri from Rice UP

ghanaian barbecue chicken

But what did S eat? She graciously slept through our lunch(es) and was later rewarded with a piece of kürtos kalács, a traditional Hungarian pastry.

At first she wasn’t so sure about it, but then she took a little nibble and it was gone a few seconds later.

Just before her preliminary bite

Here you can see how the pastries are made. Its a bit like a baumkuchen (which we ate here and here), but its rolled in cinnamon or nuts instead of melted chocolate.

making kürtos kalács

The festival was so nice, we found ourselves wondering why they didn’t hold one over Easter, too? The christmas markets would certainly get a little boost from some new culinary offerings. There can only be so many würst stalls, right? Right?! I will be so happy if I never have to smell another sausage ever again.

Don’t think the whole weekend was about food. We went to an event at the zoo, too, something I hope you’ll check back in a few days to read about. It involves a very scary donkey and some baby goats…


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