“Sinosaur” is S-speak for “dinosaur” and since its a word we’ve been hearing a lot around here, we thought it was the perfect time to head back to the Museum für Naturkunde.

I don’t know if you can tell, but she is terrified in the above picture. Maybe she expected them to look a little more like the cute characters in this Sandra Boynton book?

A brief moment of bravery

It probably didn’t help to tell her that these were dinosaur bones and that bones are inside your body. That became an especially horrifying concept when we walked into the special exhibit on elephants, her favorite animal. At first S refused to accept that the pile of bones had anything to do eith an elephant. It just wasn’t an elephant. “No Elephant! No ELEPHANT!” she shouted shaking her head. Then, eventually she started asking, “Mama, Mama, elephant ok? Elephant happy?” while blowing it kisses to make it better.

It was just too much. So much, that I think we’ll stick with the zoo for a few more years.


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