Gefrorener Joghurt

Before leaving, I asked a German friend what she missed most from the US when she went home on visits. I expected her to give me some tips on things to pack, things I wouldn’t be able to buy in Germany. Fruit-flavored Tums, for instance, or Essie nail polish (DM – our version of CVS- just started stocking it!)

No, it was Americans and frozen yogurt. Not exactly things I can stuff in my Samsonite duffel.

Americans I wasn’t too worried about. Partly because being one I don’t have quite as much affection for them as my expat-friend and partly because you can’t take two steps without bumping into that charming American export, the Hipster. Although, full disclosure, I do love my skinny jeans and Warby Parker glasses. However, I feel they’re sort of canceled out by the two-year old and diaper bag.

That just leaves the yogurt. I think it had been a while since my friend went home, because there was a frozen yogurt place just a 10 minute stroll from our apartment and a new, even closer one opened up just a few weeks later. But I’m not going to write about either of these shops. I’m going to write about Wonderpots.

Where did it all go?

Wonderpots won me over when, on our first visit, I saw one of the employees cutting up fresh fruit for the toppings. Right out in front where everyone can see that those pineapple chunks recently came from a very real pineapple. Its also surprisingly creamy, like custard, and there’s tons of seating. Tons of seating meaning that its baby/toddler friendly.

Wonderpots has two locations – one in Alexa am Alexanderplatz and another on Georgenstrasse under the S-Bahn line,  making it another nice stop after a visit to Museuminsel or just to fill up on yogurt’y goodness.

…and incidently, frozen yogurt auf Deutsch is just Frozen Yogurt.


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