for my berliner baby: schleich tiere

Many parents are familiar with Schleich – especially now that you can buy them at Target in the States. Here, in their homeland, they’re even more popular and you can find huge displays of them in every toy store. They’re surprisingly sturdy (someone has a tendency to fling them from her highchair) and some of them are hand-finished.

We let S pick out a new one every once in a while. Sometimes because she’s been really well-behaved, like after going to the doctor or a long train ride, and sometimes just because. As you can see above, she has varied tastes.

Elephants keep the best secrets

She is very into creating little families with her “animuhs.” Today, Horsey was in love with Donkey. Yesterday, St. Bernard and Dalmatian had adopted Donkey as their baby.  It makes me really happy to watch S play with them, and I’m glad we’ll be able to add to our menagerie back in the States. I’m already dreading how she’s going to readjust. It will make a huge difference to have some familiar things to bribe her with. 


2 thoughts on “for my berliner baby: schleich tiere

  1. I LOVE Schleich!!! We already have a numer. I’ve been thinking [even prior to seeing this post] Schleich animals are on my shopping list for the boys once we arrive in Germany (hopefully cheaper there than in Australia). Listen to me; its 3 months before I leave and I am already “shopping”.

    I am also hoping my birkenstocks will hang in there until then (its not looking likely) and then I will buy a new pair in Germany,

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