cupcakes, or Berlin takes another shot at American food

Last week I wrote about burritos, and something about that experience sent me running (well, taking the U7) into the arms of Cupcake Berlin.

Shoshana has only had one other cupcake in her whole two years of life. I absolutely had to fix that. We ordered a “Hot Chocolate” (chocolate with chocolate buttercreme) and a “Sweet Jane,” pictured below. I didn’t get a photo of the chocolate one, because my husband had already devoured it by the time I got the camera ready.

Now, I lived in New York during the Magnolia craze, so I feel like a bit of an expert. It was so exciting the first time my friends and I, in a nervous horde of freshman girls,  walked all the way down Bleecker Street. It was orientation week and what better way to orient ourselves to New York than cupcakes? It came second only to our obligatory visit to The Strand.

Back to the cupcake – it was good, very good. Denser than I expected, but I liked that the cake wasn’t over-the-top sweet like Magnolia’s.* My only criticism is of the frosting placement. I wish it covered the whole cake, which I know is easy enough to fix with a couple of schmooshes with a fork, but not so easy once your toddler has realized that there is cake within arm’s reach.

I loved taking Shoshana out for cupcakes and I’m pretty sure she loved it, too. We stopped by the playground, too, and it was just one of those perfect family days.

Cupcakes Berlin – Krossenerstr. 12 (Friedrichshain)

And if you are ever in NY, don’t go to Magnolia’s. Go to sugar Sweet sunshine on Rivington. 10,000 times better!


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