Berlin v. Burritos, round III

Dolores, beloved burrito shop of expats and adventurous Germans, is…a burrito shop in Berlin. What can I say? I can still remember the taste of Chipotle (Oh Chipotle!), but with each visit – we’re up to three now – and with the memories of real Californian/Mexican food fading, it looks like Dolores will have to do. At least until I get to Maria Bonita.

the contender

My first experience was awful, really awful, so awful I don’t really want to write about it except to say that I vowed never to come back. Then there was visit #2. My husband wore me down and it was just soooo convenient. That time the burrito was a little better, but I still wasn’t completely won over. So we agreed to try it a third time, for research of course, and now I have to say, the burritos at Dolores aren’t bad. High praise, indeed. 

In between the second and third visits, the restaurant seems to have gotten a facelift and maybe the changes extended to the kitchen, as well. I actually really enjoyed my lunch that day, which I can’t say about the previous visits. As to the kinderfreundlichkeit of the place? Natürlich!  A lot of the other patrons seem to be kids undergrads, so yes, come one come all, but maybe lower your expectations a little.

Dolores – Rosa-Luxembourg-Str. 7 (Mitte)



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