Baby takes Barcelona

My husband’s birthday was coming up, so on a whim, a crazy whim, I looked up flights to Spain. And there it was, a deal I just couldn’t ignore. We bought the tickets, booked a hotel and I ran out to Dussman to pick up a Lonely Planet.

Any and all preparation ended there.

We should have rented an apartment. We should have went home a day earlier. We should have packed sunscreen. It isn’t that we had a bad time, its that Barcelona was a lot harder with a little kid than we thought. The hardest part was adjusting to the schedule (we didn’t) and finding things for S to eat. We thought she would like tapas. She didn’t. We thought she would like paella. She REALLY didn’t. You know what she did like?


dipping into “xocolata” at Cacao Sampaka

and again at the hotel…

Otherwise, she lived to run around the Parc de la Ciutadella. Every morning we would wake up to a chorus of “Wattaaaaa! WattaaaAAA” and so every afternoon we would walk over to the Font de la Cascada so that she could stare wide-eyed and happy at the fountain.

We did find a few S-friendly restaurants. Here’s a list of places that kept her from surviving on churros alone:

Kiosko – Marquès De L’Argentera (El Born) – Hipster burger joint. I particularly appreciated the signs telling people to eat with their hands.

Cerveceria Catalana – C/ Malloca, 236 (L’Eixample) – A nice and surprisingly large tapas place, popular with locals and families. There’s even a changing table!

Cavamar – C/ Vila Joiosa, 52 (Barceloneta) – Paella, paella, paella.

Cacao Sampaka – C/ Consell de Cent, 292 (L’Eixample) – If you’re going to do spanish-style hot chocolate, do it here.

So Barcelona made us realized that not every trip is going to be perfect and that no matter how awesome we think we are, S is still a toddler with a toddler’s personality. We’re definitely going to keep traveling with her (and we even have 3 more trips planned before we go back to the states), but for now let’s take a bit of a break. Afterall, its almost spring in Berlin!


3 thoughts on “Baby takes Barcelona

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  2. I’m so glad to find your blog! We’re visiting Berlin with kids right now (I found you through your Pergamon post) and headed to Barcelona next month. Always nice to have tips from a fellow family traveling!

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