my little valentine

We spent Valentine’s Day at the Neues Museum. It was a bit of an impulse – we were headed to the Alte Gallerie  (wild, I know) – and were so glad we went. Its gorgeous!

Jon and I had never been to the Neues Museum; although, we did see parts of the Egyptian Museum in its temporary home before the renovations to the Neues were complete. The museum is usually only viewable with timed tickets – something I, as a mother of a small child dread. At the very least I can judge her mood RIGHT NOW. How can I tell if a museum visit will be a good idea in another hour or two or three? February in Berlin, however, is pretty devoid of tourists. We were able to walk right in (after flashing our Jahreskarten PLUS, natürlich).

The building was heavily damaged in WWII and only reopened in 2009. The restoration was my favorite part of the visit (Shoshi delcaring Nefirtiti to be “orange pretty” is a very close second!). The architect, David Chipperfield, did a beautiful job using the damaged sustained by the building. Photography is verboten in the most stunning rooms and I forgot my camera, anyway. The photos we did get were taken with Jon’s iPhone.

For the moms and dads out there, the Neues Museum has been the most stroller-accessable of  any of the museums we’ve been to so far. There are ramps up to the front door and large (very large! by american standards large!)  elevators with buttons at toddler height. Sometimes the only way to get S to leave a floor was to tell her that we needed to go press the buttons. The docents were mostly unobtrusive. In some museums, you can tell that they’re ready to pounce on the slightest provocation, but not here.

This is definitely going to the top of my list as one of my favorite ways to spend a morning in Berlin. Visit the Staatliche Museen site for more info on visiting here.


5 thoughts on “my little valentine

    • Yes, we’re at an age when walking up and steps is pretty big…unless they happen to be the steps leading to our front door!

      Danke for visiting and taking the time to comment!

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