After many weekends of sheepishly browsing through booths, I did it. I spoke up, ask a price, and (thankfully) didn’t have to haggle.

I’d been eyeing the street sign and assorted neon letters booth for a while, so when I saw  Heinrich, I jumped. I knew he had to be mine. Before my husband was my husband, he studied for a semester at the Humboldt, and lived on Adalbertstraße. Berlin seemed so huge to me, so unlike anywhere I’d ever been before, that on my visits I would just zone out and let him lead me around, but for some reason, Heinrich-Heine-Straße always stuck out in my mind and I knew that when we were on the bus that stop meant we were close to his apartment.

And now I am the very happy owner of this Straßenschild or as S calls it “Mama ABCs.”



One thought on “Heinrich-Heine-Straße

  1. What a great find! I know the feeling, too, when you want to ask and even can, but you are afraid to having to have business negotiations with the guy running the shop. It once ended with running along bergmannstrasse while the guy was hurtling abuse at me standing in front of his place:) Needless to say, i didnt buy those notebooks:)

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