Baby takes Amsterdam

We finally took our first outside-of-Germany trip. It only took us six months to agree to a city and book the tickets.

The flight from (the soon to be defunct) Tegel to Schipol is only an hour and fifteen minutes. There was barely enough time to get bored, and I didn’t even have to take out the army of stickers and crayons that I packed. We flew KLM and since S is still under two, she could sit on our laps with a special seatbelt extension provided by the airline.

The plane was so exciting, that she was out cold by the time we finally reached the city.

schlaffy, schlaffy

Everytime – absolutely without fail – we go somewhere she falls asleep just as we get to our destination. It gives us a moment to get our bearings, take a few pictures. I’m going to be really sad when she stops doing that.

We stayed at the NH Museum Quarter. It was a basic hotel, for good or bad. I don’t think I would stay there again, but I’m glad we did this time. The tram stops just around the corner and we could walk to the major museums as well as the Albert Cuypstraat market. The staff were friendly and they even gave us extra perfume-free bath products for the baby.

view from the hotel

Shoshana spent a lot of time in her stroller on this trip. Before we arriving, I was terrified that she would fall into a canal, but once we got there, I realized I should be more afraid of her getting run over by the bikes! In some places the sidewalks can be very narrow, and even though there is a bike lane, you still have to wind your way around the parked ones. Our compromise was to let her out in every museum. One of us would chase walk with her, while the other got a closer look. This worked everywhere but the Rijksmuseum, where S was totally unimpressed with the Vermeers.

Also, we were not above buying her good will with raisins. Many, many raisins.

Some baby-friendly restaurants:

Pancakes! – Berenstraat 38 (Western Canal Belt). This places is tiny, so fold up the stroller or leave it outside. Get the apple pancake with calvados and give yourself an excuse to not share with your kid!

Bazar – Albert Cuypstraat 138 (de Pijp) Bazar was a short walk from our hotel and we liked it so much we went twice. The restaurant is huge and loud and there are twinkle lights on the ceiling. Your kid could have a pretty major meltdown in here and no one would notice.

Burgermeester – Albert Cuypstraat 48 (de Pijp) as well as 3 other locations. I have three words for you: Red Lentil Burger. Yum.


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