baby reads “Berlin Wimmelbuch: Ausbruch aus dem Zoo” by Judith Drews

This adorable Wimmelbuch or look-and-find book was one of S’s Chanukah presents. She loves pointing out all of the animals and one day it will be a fun reminder of our time in Berlin.

There must be some licensing laws that I’m not familiar with, because all of the famous places in the book are mis-spelled. The Hotel Adlon is the Arlon, Konnopke Imbiss is Kannapke, Berlinale becomes Bärenale. Its a little thing, but once I noticed it, I could not stop staring at it. Just one of those things.

I have tons to write about. I just didn’t feel like it for a while, a sort of blogger’s boredom. Now that we’ve gotten through January, though, I feel a bit more like sharing. So, here’s to February and hopefully more writing!


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