a very jewish christmas

I was seriously worried that the chinese restaurants of Berlin would be closed Christmas Day. Was there some kind of law against being open, like on Sundays? As a restaurant would it be exempt or would they want the day off? Maybe he should call. Would he call? Did he?

No. So it was on complete blind faith that we started towards Jannowitzbrücke on foot. Its a very long walk, but winter has been excessively mild here and the baby mercifully napped through it. She even napped through lunch, which was a shame, because it very good. I even ordered her favorite just in case she woke up.

Baby's favorite

Ming Dynastie has been a long-time favorite, but this was the first time we took the baby to the Jannowitzbrücke location. They were much, much busier than I expected on Christmas. In fact, they were totally booked. The manager found us a table though, provided we didn’t stay too long. I was a little miffed when he said that, but it didn’t effect the service at all. Our waiter didn’t seem angry at us; he didn’t even scowl – how odd for Berlin!

The other Ming is in the Europa Center right across from the Berlin Zoo making it the perfect spot for lunch after a long morning watching the seals swim back and forth, back and forth. The Europa Center restaurant isn’t as good as the main one (across from the Chinese Embassy! It better be good!), but the service is friendly there, as well,  and they never complain about our enormous stroller.

Visit Ming Dynastie for address and times.


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