dinner at sarod’s thai restaurant

We’ve been going out a lot during the day, trying to make the most out of our Jahreskarten PLUS (year passes to the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation’s museum or much more simply auf Deutsch – die Staatliche Museen zu Berlin). We’re only three more visits away from breaking even, but after going to the Bode Museum, Jewish Museum (not part of the Staatliche Museen), and then today the Pergamonmuseum – all within just a day or two of each other – I think we need a little break. Furthermore, I think this break should take the form of eating out more.

We had just spent the afternoon running around a museum with a toddler, which is possibly more exhausting than running around with toddlers in other locations, simply because one is surrounded by very interesting things without the ability to pause a moment to take them in or even take a cursory glance at the description. The mountain of dishes in the sink was just to much to even think about. We just wanted to sit down, maybe even quietly, and if there should be eating during this quiet sitting all the better.

This is just a very long way of saying we ate at Sarod’s Thai Restaurant tonight, and it was good.  Really good, not just good for Berlin good. Good for other places good. Anyone who has ever eaten in a restaurant in Berlin that serves anything other than German or (what my husband and I refer to as) Ger’talian, will understand what I mean. But I’m not trying to write a food blog. On top of the delicious and light meal we had, Sarod’s is also a pretty good place to take a kid and, lucky for me, I have one that loves Thai food.

We started her off with chicken satay, an obvious kid-favorite, but once she realized that it was on a stick (I had been pulling it off for her) and that it came with paint a sauce, it became more an object contemplation. She didn’t eat very much of it, but at least it kept her busy for a while. The real star was the phad thai. There almost wasn’t enough for the two of us.

phad thai gai

It gets better –  my husband ordered phad kee mao and it were real peppers in it! That you could taste! Its a Berlin miracle.

Sarod’s Thai

Friesenstr. 22, U7 Gneisenausstr.



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