an afternoon at the Pergamonmuseum

on the pergamon steps

Mshatta Palace from Jordan

Ishtar Gate from Babylon

The Pergamonmuseum, named after the greek alter in the first three pictures, is just an amazing place to visit. Huge pieces of ancient art and architecture, pieces I can’t even imagine building let alone relocating thousands of miles, make up the museum’s controversial permanent exhibit. As you can imagine, their countries of origin want them back. Can you blame them?

The Pergamon’s exhibit is absolutely kinderfreundlich.  Shoshana loved looking at and walking around the gates and mosaics. It probably caught her attention 100 times more than than a framed painting hung on a wall. For that reason alone, I say if you can only do one museum on Museuminsel with your kids make it this one. But. Yes, but its difficult with a stroller. The entrance is at the top of some relatively high stairs and while there is a wheelchair lift, I feel awkward using them. Jon and I carried her up in the stroller together. Not pleasant, but if you can do it the museum is worth it. There is a ramp into the “sub-basement” (that’s what the map calls it. Its sort of a vestibule) and an elevator up to the lobby. If you want to see the islamic art on the first floor (the Mshatta Palace is up there, as well as some tapestries and an amazing painted wood room that I can’t remember the name of), you’ll need to ask a docent who will when escort you to the service elevator. A little bit of an inconvenience, but again, so worth it.

Interested? Go here.



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