Bode Museum

The last few times we’ve been in Berlin, The Bode Museum had been closed for renovations and then, when we moved here, there was the madness of the Renaissance faces exhibit, so it wasn’t until last week that we finally got to go.

For a while I was confused as to why it was called the “Bode” Museum, mixing up the name of the museum with the german word “der Boden” or base, ground. Thanks to wikipedia, I now know that in 1956 it was renamed after the original curator.

The Bode Museum contains mostly sculptural art including a fascinating Byzantine exhibit and a coin collection. There’s also a kindergallerie – although, I think that’s a bit of a misnomer. There is a room in the basement with some games and books. Its not particularly attached to the “adult gallery” in terms of content. When we were there it had a knights and dragons theme.

Let’s take a moment to assess how kinderfreundlich the Bode Museum may be. There is technically barrier-free access: a portion of the stone steps to the left of the entrance should turn into ramp at the press of a button, but they don’t. It probably would have been more efficient – and less expensive – if they had just replaced those steps with an actual full-time ramp. Inside, there is an elevator that will take one to all three main floors excluding the special exhibit area. Here we get to the real pit of our visit – the docent would not let us enter the special exhibit area! Presumably it was because we had S with us, which is just mad, because one of the entrances to the exhibit is THROUGH the KINDERgallerie! She refused to give us an explanation, just kept telling us that, no, that is not wanted, you must go back. There are some steps to the exhibit, but on the Kindergallerie side its only about 5-6. Nothing, really considering all of the steps we confront just day to day in Berlin.

So, a little hurt, we sulked – ok, I sulked – to the Byzantine art section. This was my favorite part, probably because I’ve seen so little of it compared to the Gothic and Baroque art that makes up most of the museum’s collection.

And with that, I can now say I’ve been to every museum on Museuminsel – now I jsut have to go back and do them all mit dem kind.

For more information on admission times and prices go here.


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