baumkuchen, round II

So the other day we found this…

and knew we had to try it. The Konditorei Rabien was once the “Royal Confectioner” of the Hohenzollern dynasty and was once located in Potsdam near the Schloss Sansoucci. Today its in Steglitz; although, we found this slice and a vanilla one in a Mitte shop.

I wasn’t wild about the chocolate ring. I mean, it was cake and it was covered in chocolate and those two things can’t really go that wrong, but this just didn’t really do anything for me. Instead of the usual marzipan flavor, this one tasted oddly minty. It was a little disappointing. Of course, if I had looked closer at the label I would have seen “Gewürze” or “spices” listed and maybe I would have just stuck with the vanilla – glazed ring. Both of us let the baby finish our pieces. She didn’t mind one bit.

The vanilla, which I unfortunately did not take a picture of, was really good. So much better than its chocolate counter part. It was softer, more moist with just a hint of lemon.    Too good to share with the baby. Die Familie Fine is going to be bummed when our easy access to Baumkuchen dries up after Christmas.



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