a visit to hasenheide

Last week the baby and I took some great advice and went down to Hasenheide, a park in Neukölln. The zoo came particularly recommended and since telling Shoshana that she’s going to see animals (“ani-muh, ani-muh, ani-muh!)  is the easiest way to get her out the door, off we went.

It was a little tricky finding the entrance to the zoo, because its under renovations. Eventually we found our way to some goats.

Shoshana wasn’t sure how she felt about them.

Although, she did blow kisses to the deer.

Interestingly, there were some very graphic signs asking visitors to not feed the animals.

Do you see that poor little deer? Of course, there are signs like this in US zoos, but they don’t mention what might happen to the animals if someone were to feed them and most adults will just say that the animal will get sick and you don’t want to make the animal’s tummy hurt, do you? Even more blunt was this one near the ponies.

“Why did you feed me to death?” asks poor, dead little Schneemann.

Shoshana was too busy and too young to notice the signs. Plus, Hasenheide has some great hills and wide paths perfect for running.

and running and running and running.

Volkspark Hasenheide

U-Bahn: Hermannplatz

Entrances on Hasenheide, Columbiadamm and Fontanestrasse


2 thoughts on “a visit to hasenheide

  1. Those signs at the zoo are perhaps a bit too tough for the lil´uns but it´s because the zoo has lost several or their very much beloved animals due to the visitors not listening to the pleas of the stuff. You would not belive it but there are really half-wits you come there and actually poison the poor beasts on purpose. And as you said yourself, kids don´t actually perceive those signs as cruel since they most often do not see them at all.
    Glad you both liked the place – wait till next summer and you will never want to leave Hasenheide again.
    As for the parents-kids cafe Kreuzzwerge, they have a page you can visit – have a look and see if you like it. It´s not a indoor playground but a very much regular cafe with a couple of extra facilities that make mummy, daddy and baby very very happy indeed.

    • When I as there I saw a turkish mom and her toddler feeding the animals like it was their job, and there was a sign right in front of them. I’m pretty sure they could read German, though.

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