sunday morning stroll

I took advantage of Jon’s offer to stay home with the napping baby to wander around my own kiez. Motivated by this post on foodieinberlin, I wandered down Gneisenausstraße to check out Soluna Brot u. Öl – even though its Sunday and I knew it wouldn’t be open; I wanted to see if it would be a walkable – and worthwhile – distance with a toddler in tow.

When I turned off of Schleiermacherstraße, I turned around to look back and thought how nice it would be to live here until I realized: Oh, I do.


My previous experience with Gneisenausstr. had been the first block or two just off of Mehringdamm – not exactly charming – but then I wandered a little farther and finally noticed what a very pretty, quiet street I live near.

Please forgive the photo quality. I didn’t think I would want to take any pictures, so I only had my cell phone. I can’t wait to go back when everything is open – maybe tomorrow?



We made it to the bakery 2 days ago. Its not a difficult walk with the baby, but maybe a touch too far for her little legs. Just 3 or 4 doors away from SoLuna she quit on me.

It took some very animated talk about all of the delicious carbs we were about to get our hands on, but finally she decided to come with and  we were both  very happy with the result.


6 thoughts on “sunday morning stroll

    • Everyday! We get a lot of our groceries there and my daughter loves going to the playground. I’m sorry I didn’t let you know before I linked to you. I meant to, but got distracted by the little one. Hope you don’t mind!

  1. In Hornstrasse 23- actually also a walkable distance for you and Shoshana – there is a nice parents-and-kids cafe, “Kreuzzwerg” . You will love it once the playground gets frozen over:) And the bread from Brot&Öl (aka SoLuna) is worth a long, long march.

    • Kreuzzwerg has been on my list of things to do for a while, but its such a foreign concept (we don’t have anything like it in the US) for me that I’ve been putting it off. Is it a restaurant that caters to children? A playplace that also happens to have coffee so the parents stay sane?

  2. Oh, and nothing beats Hasenheide as far as kiddie-tainment goes: either you let them run around and have fun or you take them to one of the two fantastic playgrounds. And the cherry of top of their dessert is usually the petting zoo: ask any of my boys and you will be hearing the word “Llama!” Llama!” for the rest of the day.

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