new shoes



As the weather has started to turn colder and colder, I’ve been getting not only judgemental looks, but sometimes, outright rude comments on how I dress my child. No, not just comments. Women stop me in the street to explain to me just how wrong I am to let my daughter out of the house wearing nothing but socks and sneakers on her feet. The outrage these women have felt! The absolute need to tell me how neglectful and horrible I am! Maybe these women should come over and try to get Shoshana to wear something more substantial (although, its been in the 40*F, so its not exactly like she’s suffering). I would like to see someone else try to stuff her into her coat, keep her hat on her head, and wrestle over her socks.

Well no more.

We finally found boots that she’ll wear – as long as we call them shoes.


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