baby takes…hamburg

Yesterday we packed up a few toys and snacks (thank god for Joghurt Reiswaffeln) and took the ICE to Hamburg. Its only an hour and a half’ish long ride making it a perfect day-trip for a toddler. A half hour to get over the novelty of being on a train and then only an hour of (trying) to entertain her without walking up and down the train. Its such an easy trip, I’m not sure why we hadn’t done it before in our pre-baby days.


As soon as we got off the train, Shoshana fell asleep (again) giving us time to figure out what we wanted to do and take some pictures.

Parts of Hamburg aren’t ideal for babies and, no, I don’t just mean the Reeperbahn, a neighborhood we obviously didn’t even try to see. The area around the canals, the Speicherstadt, and the ports, HafenCity, can be dangerous for tiny little people who don’t know they should be scared of the river. The railings aren’t exactly baby-proof and I was terrified she would fall in, so we stuffed her into her stroller. She didn’t appreciate it and wouldn’t let me take a picture of her the entire day.

warehouses in the Speicherstadt

Eventually my Mommy-anxiety took over and we headed towards the Neustadt for some land-loving browsing. Yes, it is disappointing to find yourself at what is essentially a mall while visiting a foreign city, but shopping areas tend to be pretty good places to let toddlers blow of some steam. She was super-well behaved here holding tightly onto my hand the whole time, except for when I pried her fingers off of me to take the photo below.

A ticket for 2 adults and a baby with BahnCard 25s on an ICE was around 100 euro. Not too bad, but I think we’ve had enough daytripping for a while. I’m perfectly happy to stay in Berlin.


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