mmmmm soba

We went to the Hamburger Bahnhof this morning (hurrah for using our museum Jahreskarten PLUS! second time this week!) and since Shoshana was having a temper tantrum in the U-bahn we decided to get out before our stop and walk. Why bother a whole train-car of people when you can enjoy through the disapproving glances of the few you’ll pass on the street? While Shoshana was whining over whatever it is that fills toddler buddled up in their strollers with angst, we passed by smartdeli, a japanese restaurant on chaussestrasse.

So after we’d had our fill of contemporary art, we decided to fill ourselves with japanese food. Ha! Ok, that was bad, I admit. The food, however, was very good and not because we’ve been deprived of good japanese food since leaving the US. There are only two things I don’t like about this place: they don’t make/use fresh soba and they only serve it alone in a plain broth or as yakisoba.

The restaurant is a very low key affair, or in other words, perfect for eating out with a toddler. Shosh wandered around a little (the restaurant wasn’t busy) while we waited, but as soon as she saw my bowl of soba she parked herself in my lap until it was all gone.Then she helped herself to some of Jon’s teriyaki.

baby approved

We’ll definitely be coming back. Maybe tomorrow? We forgot to try the green tea ice cream!


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