domäne dahlem

We took our little Berlinerin to a farm – Domäne Dahlem – last weekend for a little fresh air. As you can see she wasn’t quite sure what to do.

Then we found some potatoes and she started to warm up to it.

Although she wasn’t so sure about the pig.

The goat, however, was a big hit. She even gave him a blade of grass which he obligingly nibbled from her hand.

By the end of the trip, which also included a balloon and an enormous fresh waffle, we didn’t want to go.  It was ErnteFest, though, so we told ourselves we would come back when it was quieter and we could enjoy it even more.   Plus, the many people eating VERY VERY FRESH tartar and horse wurst were starting to make me sick.

Domäne Dahlem (website only in German) is located in Dahlem-Dorf. Just take the U3 to, you guessed it, Dahlem-Dorf. You can see the entrance to the museum and farm or freilichtmuseum auf deutsch from the overly-precious and disappointedly fake thatched roof entrance to the U-bahn. Seriously. I think they built it in 1981.


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