Kleiner Jumbo, Große Mama

Sometime last month I mentioned something about weekly book posts, yes? I must have forgotten that I have a toddler, a toddler who thinks the computer is for watching Elmo and puppy videos on YouTube.

We do manage to read in between the puppy videos.We just don’t always manage to blog about it.

Kleiner Jumbo, Große Mama by Yasushi Muraki was the first book I bought for Shoshana in Berlin. There are two “Ellas” on the cover – how could I pass it up? The story follows a little elephant and his mama through a typical elephantine day eating “saftiges Gras” and shooting water through their trunks, while demonstrating a mother’s love.

my favorite page


The best thing about it – other than the illustrations – is that it is the only book that Shoshana consistently lets me read to her auf Deutsch.


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