For my Berliner Baby: Djeco Stickers

Stickers play a very important part in Shoshana’s life. Interested in eating out? Bring stickers. A longer than usual train ride? Shopping for someone other than the baby? Stickers, stickers.

Up until now, I thought I would only be able to get stickers in paltry one or two sheet packs. Then yesterday, as I was walking back to the bus stop after our English playgroup at The Center  in Prenzlauerberg, I saw it out of the corner of my eye:  a pack of +1000 stickers!

forgive me my lack of photo skills

The stickers are from French toy company Djeco. There are nine separate designs with two satin soft sheets of each. The stickers themselves are of a style I can only describe as “French whimsy.” Is there an official name for this? Its a style I come across a lot in modern french storybooks and toys.

The best part is that they come in this really nice folder – perfect for shoving in your purse.

We’ll see just how well they work starting with today’s trip to Potsdam.

Djeco (French and Englich) stickers from:

Fuchswecher (German only)

Bötzowstrasse 17

10407 Berlin


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