baby takes… dresden

I seem to be in the habit of saying I’m going to post about something and then taking an inordinate amount of time to actual getting around to it. So I sent the baby to the playground with her Dad and I’m going to stay in front of the computer until I knock out at least two or until I finish watching the second season of Glee online.

We took Shoshana to Dresden and, you know what, it wasn’t a nightmare or even that difficult. Yes, she is a crazy toddler who JUST NEEDS TO RUN, but if you take that into consideration, traveling with a toddler – even if you’re trying to squeeze in an entire city in one day – isn’t that hard.

We left super early, 6:30 am. For some reason, we thought this would make a difference, but I think we could pushed it back an hour or so. It only takes two hours to get there from Berlin Hauptbahnhof and we arrived just before 9 – an hour before anything opened. Shoshana LOVED the train ride. People to look at! Windows! I didn’t even need to take out the stickers.

We realized that if Shoshana got even a whiff of freedom from her 5-point harness, that the rest of the day would be on her terms. So we went to our top priority for the day first – the Cranach exhibition at the Gemälde Galerie in the Zwinger Palace.


The Zwinger is a collection of 4 or 5 museums. 10€ gets you entrance to all of them. With a little baby, however, we prioritized and only did one. I still wanted to get to the Residenz and see the Turkish Cammer.

Next came the toddler-burning-off-steam time and a quick, amazing lunch of chicken Bratwurst in the Altmarkt. Jon and I are still talking about that Bratwurst. A few years ago, it was impossible to find non-pork alternatives, but now we can get poultry sausages and soy alternatives at the local organic supermarket. Its worth mentioning, that the last time we were in Dresden, it was still largely destroyed. Now, there’s this really nice shopping mall right off of the Altmarkt (if it weren’t for the distinct smell of meat, I would have thought we had somehow been magically transported back to the states), all of the renovations were finished and there were people everywhere. Dresden has truly been restored to its former gorgeousness.


We finally made it to the Residenz. Like the Zwinger, entry is 10€. A little steep for such a small museum, but worth it. The renovations have been so thoughtfully done and at obviously great expense. As much of the original interior as possible – not much – has been preserved behind glass. The Neues Grünes Gewölbe is included in the price, but the Historisches Gewölbe is not. It’s also limited to timed entries and only a certain number of people a day. We skipped it. There are enough pretty things to look at in Deutschland.

After that, we had an hour to kill before our train, so we took our time for an early dinner at Vapianos (of all places) on Pragerstrasse.

All in all, day tripping with a toddler in tow isn’t hard as long as you make time to play and break up your museum visits. Actually, those are probably pretty good rules for anybody.

**Liebe Readers: the wordpress app is NOT my friend. I went to make a few simple edits and it deleted my original finished post. I tried my best to rewrite it, but if I left out anything, please let me know!**


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