Berliner Familienpass

In my last few posts, I mentioned that we got reduced entry to the TechnikMuseum and the Museum für Naturkunde with our Familienpass. Its basically a yearly coupon book and, at first, I was skeptical it would be worth its 6€ price-tag (not that much, but without being able to browse through it beforehand, I had no idea what would be in there).

In fact, for only 6€, it may be worth it for visitors, too. A few of the offers include:

Only 3€ for entry to the Berliner Dom, Berlinsche Galerie, Deutsche Guggenheim for parents with children
Family entry(up to five kids) for only 12€ to the DDR Museum
Free entry for one parent with a child under 18 to the Märkisches Museum
Discount tickets to Deutsches Theater, Puppentheater, Schiffahrts (cruises) to Potsdam or just down the Spree

My favorite was saving 25€ on a year pass to the zoo. There is also a coupon for a single zoo visit.

The Familienpass is only available in German, but it’s easy enough to figure out with a little help from a dictionary. Note that the Staatliche Museen and the Deutsches Museum currently do not offer discounts through the Familienpass.


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