Injuries can be inspiring, pt. 3

My foot! It feels better now (obviously what with the Dresden trip, etc), and in the ensuing excitement over being able to do stairs and get out of the apartment, I completely forgot there was supposed to be a part 3  of my recent museum posts. So here we are with the Museum für Naturkunde (The Museum of Natural History).

Ich u. S with the largest mounted dinosaur in the world

Again, the FamilienPass came in handy at the Naturkunde museum. We were able to get a few euros off and, of course, the baby was free. Its a little difficult to get in with a stroller, but if you go around the the side entrance, there is another door with fewer stairs and  one of those wheelchair lifts. I felt pretty sheepish about using it, but luckily Jon was with me so we just carried baby et al. up the steps.

The exhibits are small (compared to the Smithsonian), but very well designed. I especially like how much closer one can get to the taxidermied animals. The exhibit at the Smithsonian, by comparison, is so sterile and it was years before I realized that those were real animals and not models on display. The animal displays at the Naturkunde are very modern and contrast interestingly with their contents; everything is very dark except for lights illuminating the animals. Its tastefully done without hiding the fact that you are looking at dead, stuffed animals.

and Shoshana LOVED it. Not so much the animals, but the dinosaurs. She just stood there looking up at these enormous skeletons. She even whined and tried reaching for them when I picked her up to take her into the next room. Then she saw a very large amethyst. That almost made up for leaving the dinos.


She’s such a girl. I swear I didn’t point it out to her.

Museum für Naturkunde (U Naturkundemuseum)

Invalidenstrasse 43


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