Lunch at (Evander) holyfields

My first food post! I said in my mission statement of sorts that this blog would be about taking baby out and not just to museums despite my healthy, geeky love for them. Fittingly, or not, my first featured restaurant is on Unter den Linden, very close to most of the museums.

Evander Holyfield(s). Evander Holyfield(s). I can’t stop calling this place that. It has nothing to do with the pro-wrestler. Or anything holy or even anything to do with fields. The name is a complete mystery to me.

The restaurant doesn’t have servers. Instead you’re handed a little beeper looking thing (very exact, I know) and then go over to touch screen menu. After making your selection, just hold the beeper thing up to the pad on the bottom of the screen and it downloads your choices. The beep will go off when your food is ready. I love it. It’s so much easier with a toddler when you can set your own pace and not worry about flagging someone down.

The food is actually really good. Better yet, the prices are reasonable considering the restaurant is in the over-priced tourist trap of Unter den Linden. There are only two options on the children’s menu, but both are really appealing. One, spaghetti in a very light pomodoro with rosemary and two, “mini schnitzel” with potato wedges and rosemary (they can be a little heavy handed with the rosemary, actually, but it’s easy to eat around it if it gets to be too much for you). The “mini schnitzel” are, essentially, chicken nuggets, but but BUT they aren’t frozen cut ‘n paste grossness. In fact, it was in Shoshana’s words, “nom-nom-yum.”

half nom-nom'ed mini schnitzels


Unter den Linden 17

10117 Berlin


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