Injuries can be inspiring

I’m stuck in bed with broken toes? Broken foot? Tendonitits? Sprain? FOOT DEATH? I really dont know. It’s a weekend here and while I could go to the emergency room, I’d rather not sit through the 50 hour wait. Fingers crossed that the doctor that was recommended to us can fix me up.

So I might as well write up the three museums we’ve been to since our move.

Zum erste, The Deutsches Historisches Museum. One of my favorites and incidentally just down the street from Shoshana’s BFF, Max Planck. It’s in a beautiful pale pink baroque building – a former Prussian arsenal – with a recently opened, gorgeous extension by IM Pei and…you can take your stroller.

I’m not sure if strollers are actually OK in museums, but I do know that I have been shooed away (sometimes not so nicely) from entering many galleries before depositing my purse in the Garderobe. All museums have Garderoben (cloakrooms) and every museum has different rules about the size of the bag you’re allowed to carry into the galleries, if at all. Jewish museums, for example, tend to be very strict. Some Garderobe will just be a set of lockers, you insert a euro and take the key. Others have an attendant you hangs your things on a coat rack and hands you a ticket.

This visit went really well. The baby fell asleep just as we got there and the elevators in the new wing were larger than the usual European specimen, as well as easy to find. We walked through an exhibit on the NZ-Polizei which I didn’t find that interesting, but my husband did. I like the permanent exhibit more, but we didn’t have time on this trip. Since we are super-nerds, however, we bought a Jahreskarte (Year pass). For only 30€, one person plus their guest gets free entry to the entire museum. All children are free until they are 18.

One down, two to go. Come back for my next posts on the Museum für Naturkunde and the TechnikMuseum.


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