Injuries can be inspiring, pt. 2

We’re on day three of Foot Watch. The excruciating hobbling has turned into awkward limp and I still haven’t reached my posting goal.


The TechnikMuseum was a rainy day choice. I’m not really interested in boats and planes, but it’s within walking distance from our apartment and with our Familienpass it was only 3€. If you like all things mechanical, than this is the place for you.

There is an elevator, so again stroller friendly (well, the main building)! You wn’t be able to view the brewery with a stroller or wheelchair and we had trouble finding the Beamtershaus (Civil Servants House). Otherwise, this museum is very kinderfruendlich, like most science centers. There are demos of printing, jewelry, fabric and paper-making, and kids can climb on some of the boats and most of the trains.

Just a note incase you have very small children or are otherwise oblivious to your surroundings, as I was. There is a train-car on display that was used to transport Jewish families to their deaths. The trains are displayed in chronological order, so it should be obvious specially to a member of the tribe such as myself, but I was completely caught off guard. I have been in these train-cars before. I did not feel the need to do so again, especially with my daughter. However, I will say that I felt the display surround the car was very well done. There was more information about it than any of the other train displays, and it was set slightly away from the line of less morbid trains to allow visitors a chance to take it all in. You may want to prepare your younger children.

Also, the museum opens at 9.30 making it perfect for people whose children do not let them sleep past 6.30.


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