Shoshana’s Storybooks: Der Blaue Autobus

Once a week, I’ll feature a book from my daughter’s growing collection of German children’s storybooks. I’ll try my best to only write about books originally written in German.

reading is better when you do it upside down

Der Blaue Autobus (The Blue Bus) is written by the amazing author/illustrator combo behind our favorite book, Henriette Bimmelbahn (Henriette the Little Train with a Warning Bell*), James Krüss and Lisl Strich. Why then isn’t this post about Henriette “heißt die nette, alte kleine Bimmelbahn?” Because in one of my poorer packing decisions, I left that one at home. We’re going to be in Germany; we don’t need to bring German books! We’ll buy German books! Plus, at the time Shoshana was able to get though an entire day without reading it.

Turns out I’m not.

Still, unable to make myself buy a book we already own (even if it is 10,000 miles away), I turned to another lovable tale of public transportation. In this story, the blue bus must navigate the city streets while a stubborn little poodle named Ottokar does his best to stop it in its tracks. My favorite thing about this book – and others by Krüss and Lisl – is the illustrations, and of course, I love how Der Blaue Autobus, as well as Henriette Bimmelbahn and (another one I almost forgot) Die Ganz Besondere Strassenbahn, teach kids about public transportation. We don’t have a car, although we did have a hybrid in California, and I’m much, much happier that way for all of the obvious health and environmental reasons. Plus, Shosh LOVES smiling and waving at everyone in the Bahn, and we go to the playground more often than we did when we had to drive there.

please don't judge me based on those throw pillows - we rented the apartment furnished

*sounds better in German, no? Far more exact than I expected translation care of my (almost) professor husband.


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