A New Friend

I’ll be honest with you. I love souvenir shops. I rarely buy anything, but I love browsing through all of the kitsch and they can be fun for tourist-watching (I may not be a native, but tourists are universally amusing). So, off we went to Unter den Linden on our first non-grocery shopping, non-IKEA trip outside of the neighborhood.

Our first mission was to take a picture of S by the Brandenburger Tor. My plan is to take pictures of her in front of as many major monuments as possible now, at the beginning of our stay, and then again right before we go back to the states. Cute, ja? After we checked that off of our list ( you can see the photo on my About page) we made our way down the avenue towards Museumsinsel, darting in and our of shops. I was really disappointed to see that Berlin Story made itself into a formal exhibit space. It used to be an amazing shop with tons of history and guidebooks, as well as the requisite tees and gifts. Schade.

So we continued down to the Humboldt and that’s where it happened.

The HU

Jon was browsing through the book-sellers’ tables that occasionally pop up in front of the university. I find this incredibly boring mostly because I lack the patience to actually read an entire book in German and because HE COULD DO THIS FOR HOURS! SERIOUSLY! HOW LONG DO YOU HAVE TO STARE AT THAT BOOK COVER YOU KNOW WHAT KANT LOOKS LIKE!

Exhale. I think I’m ok now.

So, S and I head over to a bench to itsy-bitsy-spider our way through the next three days 20minutes or so, and that’s when she saw him. Max Planck. Physicist. Nobel Prize winner. Bronze statue.

Meet Max


Guten Tag!

Adorably, whenever she seems him (we buy a lot of books) she also chants happily, “Ma Pla, Ma Pla!” and cries out when it’s time to leave. I have no idea what it is about this statue. She’s not interested in the Humboldt brothers just outside of the square, but then they are a lot larger and higher. Is she a modern art enthusiast? Maybe she has some new ideas on quantum theory?


Whatever it is, I’m planning on teasing her about this one for the next 30 years at least.


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