Wir sind zu Hause!

We’re Home!

I’ve been a very bad blogger. In California I felt completely resolved to faithfully journal every outing, every meal mit Kind. I was going to create an amazing resource for other anglophone mothers in Berlin! I was going to be a blogging powerhouse of blog! Bloggen, blog, geblobbed.*

Now here I am after a month of silence and absolutely ZERO posts written while actually in Berlin. I think we’re finally settled, I think. Who knows when we’ll get a letter from this agency or that department saying that we didn’t do something exactly, perfectly right and now we have approximately a thousand meetings where we will fill out another thousand pieces of paperwork IN TRIPLICATE and then maybe we’ll be ok if the beamter/in we’re assigned to is having a good day or maybe we’ll have to start all over again. Or maybe we’ll just be sternly reprimanded for not being German even though, Hallo! We clearly made an appointment for foreigners! But I’m getting off track and that is a day that deserves it’s very own post.

So what have we been doing this month? Getting settled, creating a routine, the sort of things that are important in creating a happy, healthy toddler environment like three separate trips to IKEA, a hunt for the perfect set of HABA blocks, daily ofenfrische Brezen, and yes even a visit to the pediatrician. All of which I will (try) to blog about soon.

*that conjugation completely made up care of me and my fondness for silly sounding conjugations.


2 thoughts on “Wir sind zu Hause!

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