Ich packe….ein

When I took German in college, one of my favorite teachers would always start classes with a game. The “ich packe…ein” (I’m packing) game would start with the teacher naming an item she would pack to take with her on a hypothetical vacation. Then, the student sitting next to her would have to repeat the phrase and add a second item to pack. Then, a third student and a third item, a fourth…you get the idea.

Three years later and here I am packing for a very real move to Berlin. And not just myself. I’m packing for my husband and my toddler girl, too.

It’s been a slow process, by choice. We started packing as soon as we heard that my husband won the stupendium (research grant) he applied for and that we would get funding to live in Berlin for a full year. A box of books here and there, a couple of bags of old things sent to goodwill. Mostly, I was worried that my daughter would get upset, especially since she’s too young to talk about her feelings. So we pack while she’s asleep. Instead of waking up to a frighteningly empty bookshelf, she noticed that stack of boxes to color (no way our boxes are going to get confused with someone else’s). The one time I did try to pack with her around, she carefully removed as much as she could and hid the tape.

Now, we’re only five days away* and down to only the most necessary basics. The only problem? They’re so necessary! And basic!

*Actually, we’re in Berlin! General moving craziness has kept me from posting regularly. Well, actually, at all.


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